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Welcome to Saving power is a hot topic across the computer industry. For some, saving power means getting a longer battery life on their mobile devices, be it laptops or handhelds. For others, saving power means reducing costs and increasing efficiency in their data centers. For all of us its about reducing the impact of computing on our planet. is not about marketing, trying to sell you something or comparing one vendor to another. is about how you can save real watts, however you use Linux* on your computer or computers. LessWatts is about creating a community around saving power on Linux, bringing developers, users, and sysadmins together to share software, optimizations, and tips and tricks. You can get tips, software, and tuning from this site and its forums, but we also want your input and involvement! Share your best tricks, test the software under development, contribute code, report bugs or issues, or simply help out other people who have questions.


欢迎来到 在计算机工业上省电是一个热门的话题。对于像如笔记本电脑或是手持设备这样的移动设备,省电可以使它们的电池使用更长时间.而对于其它一些设备,省电则意味 着减少它们数据中心成本提高效率。 对我们所有人来说,这是全球能源的节约。

LessWatts.org不是交易市场来买给你一些东西或是做货比三家,LessWatts.org是 一个关于怎样让你节省瓦特的网站,无论你是在单个计算机还是计算机集群上运行 类linux系统。 LessWatts将创建一个有关在linux上省电的社区,让开发者、使用者和系统管理者一 起分享软件,优化方法,信息和技巧。 在这里你可以得到提示,软件并且可以从这里的网站和论坛得到锻炼,但是我们也想 你能够共享和参与!分享你最好的技巧,测试正在开发的软件,贡献代码,报告 bug或 问题,或是简单的帮助其它人解决他们的问题。